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Nachhaltigen Turismus

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Born in a Mixed Wildlife Refuge, Maquenque Eco Lodge starts its operation with a strong commitment to protect and preserve the resources of the area. The conviction of sustainable tourism as a development alternative for the region, promotes the creation of the Lodge and starts a process that seeks to permeate on the community, generating employment sources, business opportunities, protection of natural and scenic resources and welfare social community. Sustainable tourism is emerging as a comprehensive solution to situations that threaten our balance as a community and ecosystem. It is an engine that drives development and far from competing with community resources, enhances and protects the primary objective, where the welfare of these allows the existence of a sustainable tourism development. For Maquenque Eco Lodge, the commitment to sustainability is the basis of our development and daily operation is oriented to economic, environmental and social balance. With your visit, you can enjoy a wonderful experience contact with nature, while contributing to the protection of these ecosystems.